How much does a listing cost?

A Free listing is Free for one year. Includes no images and just your business name and small description

A Premium Listing is $15.00 for one year and includes:

Business Name, Business Description, long and short, 2 Images, Website URL, Country, State, City, Address and zip code, Fax #, Phone #, e-mail Contact ( e-mail is hidden to prevent spam), Tag words to describe and help promote your business, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Rating system, Comments allowed and map.

In addition, your listing will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter Google+ and Pinterest Page!

A Featured Listing is an additional 39.99 for one year and puts your listing at the top of the search. This listing also includes the capability of adding files to your listing.


Payment is made through your paypal account.

Do I need to Register before submitting a listing?

Yes. You must register to submit a listing. You will receive a password to your e-mail that you can use to log in. Having an account with you will allow you make changes as needed to your listing.

Does the listing automatically renew in 1 year?

You will be notified when the listing is due to renew.

What are the Features of a Premium Listing?

Business Name

Business Description, long and short

2 Images

Website URL

Country, State, City, Address and zip code

Fax #

Phone #

e-mail Contact ( e-mail is hidden to prevent spam)

Tag words to describe and help promote your business

Facebook URL

Twitter URL

Rating system

Comments allowed


In addition, your listing will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter Google+ and Pinterest Page!

What are the features of a Featured listing?

A Featured listing has all the listing benefits of a Premium listing, and they are pinned to the top of a search. They also allow you to add files to your listing.

What is a Featured listing?

A Featured listing is a listing that gets placed towards the top of the list. Say for example someone searches for everyone in Brookfield, if you choose to be a featured listing, yours would be near the top. A Featured listing also allows you to upload documents. Featured listings are $39.99 in addition to your regular listing price.

The Featured listing includes everything that a Premium listing has as well as the option to upload files, such as menus, specials, flyers, etc.

What does Claim a listing mean?

When you claim your listing you have 5 days to make the purchase and add your information to your listing. Claiming your listing provides you with access to your own account and you can change or add to your listing as you need to.

How do I cancel my listing?

You can cancel your listing by not renewing it the next year.

What are the benefits of listing in this directory?

The best benefit to be included in any directory is to become more noticed on-line. The more directories you are included in, the better your chances of being found on-line.

The purpose of the ShopSmall Milwaukee Directory is to bring together the small business community and provide exposure for all local and surrounding area freelancers and small business for a small price.

This directory provides local consumers and small businesses an easy way to find ways to keep giving back into the Milwaukee community by shopping local.


What are some tips when adding content to my listing?

1. Spend some time on your listing. Provide a good description that describes your small business or freelance work.

2. Add your website, facebook and twitter urls

3. Use your first image for your logo and your second image as a ad or description of your business

4. Use tag words that describe your business. The tag words provide a good way for consumers to  find you based on your niche.

5. Update your listing often to reflect changes in your business

Can I edit my listing at any time?

Yes. Keep your login and password for future changes to your listing.

What are the Tags for?

Tags are words that are used to describe your business. After each description ( a word or two) add a comma, then add another tag. The tag words help user to find you. For example for Small Business Milwaukee, I used Milwaukee, small business, guest blogging, web design, local advertising, local directory, social media manager, seo optimization.

Use words that describe your business or service.